Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling – what to expect

People consider coming to relationship counselling for all sorts of reasons. You may not know how to begin looking for support or what you need, but what you may know deep down is that your relationship needs some support. You may be facing a challenging issue together where you need space to explore it facilitated by someone else outside of your relationship. People come with a wide range of issues including sexual difficulties, mental health/trauma, blended family issues, religious, cultural, disabilities or gender and sexuality issues.

As a queer therapist I work with a range of couples, partnerships and intimate relationships including same-sex, heterosexual, bi-sexual, open (consensually non-monogamous), monogamous and polyamorous. I work with relationships where one partner is exploring their gender or gender transition, people in kink relationships and relationships involving partners with neurodiversity.

My areas of specialism are drug and alcohol issues, chronic illness, mental health/trauma and sexuality and gender issues. I also work with a range of other different issues that clients bring into the therapeutic space.

The process

You may have found my details through one of the counselling directories or my website. Usually, one partner drops me an email and we can agree to a free 15-30-minutes webcam (Zoom) consultation with all partners. This is your opportunity to meet with me, to see if we are a match and to raise any questions and to discuss practicalities around availability.

How I work

I work with whatever you would like to bring into the space and aim to create an environment that is accepting and non-judgemental, where you will hopefully feel comfortable enough to discuss ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ so that you are able to communicate to each other. I provide a space where partners can listen to, hear, and understand each other. Partners may develop a deeper understanding and be able to communicate how they are feeling and together resolve difficult issues within their relationships. I actively work with the relationship in a fair and equal way so that all partners feel that I am on their side. I have no goal for a relationship other than to support a deeper understanding of each individual within the relationship.

How many sessions are needed?

Sessions are usually one hour or an hour and half or longer if requested. Frequency can be weekly or fortnightly. Sessions range usually from 6 to 12 depending on requirements although I can work more longer term if required.

What if only one partner can attend the session?

It is important for relationship counselling that each partner attends. We can rearrange sessions to ensure that both/all partners can attend together.

Is relationship counselling about staying together?

Relationship counselling may result in the strengthening and deepening of a relationship or it may support an ending. The direction of your counselling and your relationship is decided by you.

Next steps

Please contact me if you think your relationship can benefit from counselling.

Contact details: 07847 267882 or