Fees & Availability

Jules Haley – Individual and Relationship Counsellor and Supervisor, Worthing / Brighton / Online


  • Fees for Individual Counselling – £80 per session in person, online and telephone.
  • Concessions available at times.
  • These sessions are all 50 minutes:
    • Face to face
    • Webcam/video
    • Voice/phone
  • Instant Messaging (chat) sessions are 60 minutes
  • Email exchanges includes one email each way of approx. 1000 words.
  • Payment is expected in advance (min 24 hours) by bank transfer.
  • Fees for Relationship Counselling – £95 per session in person or online for 60 minutes.
  • Fees for Supervision – £70 per session for 60 mins


I currently have some availability Monday to Friday daytime and evening.

Traditionally sessions are weekly at the same time and day and this can be offered. However I am open to explore flexibly what works for you as this approach and commitment does not work for everyone’s working pattern. I have a flexible diary which works for freelancers, students and those on a rota.
Some people may prefer longer sessions or more or less frequently such as twice a week or fortnightly. A one-off or when required approach also works for some people. For students or for people who travel, working together in person then continuing online is an option.

You can contact me via email – jules@juleshaleycounselling.com or call 07847 267882

Jules Haley, Counsellor, therapist, supervisor, LGBTQ+