Online Counselling

Jules Haley – Individual and Relationship Counsellor and Supervisor, Worthing / Brighton / Online

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As an experienced and qualified (ACTO) online therapist, I offer four ways to work together online – webcam/ video, phone or voice only, email and Instant Messenger. I also offer relationship counselling by webcam / video.

Online counselling is a good option if you are unable to attend regular counselling sessions due to mobility or disability issues, or you may be travelling a lot, such as photographers, actors, film makers on tour, have childcare needs or a student living away from home. I also offer a blended approach where we meet in person at times and then at other times work online depending on your circumstances. It gives you the opportunity to access counselling support at a time and in a place, which works for you.

Webcam/video counselling:

Using webcam/video is the most popular form of online counselling as it very similar to meeting in person. It provides voice and video functions. If you think that you would feel more comfortable seeing me in person then this is the nearest to face to face counselling and may be the most suitable platform for you.

The key issue with webcam is making sure that you are in a safe and confidential space without distractions. Some people have used their car if they do not have space at home. You may want to use headphones and before a session it is helpful to check that you will be warm enough for the 50 minutes and you have everything that you need such as a drink, your diary to book your next session and a charger for your laptop or mobile. I use Zoom and Vsee which are both secure and confidential online platforms suitable for therapy.

Voice / Phone counselling:
There is the option of turning off the camera within webcam software and just working with voice only. This is like having a phone conversation and means you will not have to hold a phone for a 50 minutes session or use headphones, although you can if you prefer. We can also work together on the phone if this works better for you.

Email counselling:
This form of counselling may appeal to you if you want to reflect and focus on a specific issue or experiences that are really present for you or something unresolved. It means that you would send the email to me and receive a response usually within 48 hours. The gap in time from sending the email to get a response may not be ideal for everyone.

Instant Messenger counselling:
This type of online counselling is text based and is more conversational as you get a real-time response unlike email where you would have to wait for my response. It may be a good choice if you are not comfortable being seen on a webcam or you do not have a confidential space.

Next steps:

  • Drop me an email if you would like to explore online therapy –
  • I offer a free 15 minutes conversation online or by phone to discuss how we may work together. Not all issues are suitable for online counselling and we can discuss this, and I can refer you to alternative support if this is more appropriate.
  • If we agree to work together, I will send you an online counselling agreement, privacy policy, guidelines for online counselling and payment details.