Relationship Counselling

Jules Haley – Individual and Relationship Counsellor and Supervisor, Worthing / Brighton / Online

Relationships change over time and can all experience difficulties and challenges. You may feel that you have become more distant from each other or are constantly arguing and want something to change. A whole range of life issues brings people to relationship counselling such as an affair, infertility, sexual difficulties, religious/cultural differences, bereavement, mental health/trauma, disability, sexuality and gender and substance use issues.

As a queer therapist, I work with a range of couples, partnerships and relationships including same-sex, heterosexual, bi-sexual, open, monogamous and polyamorous. I work with relationships where one partner is exploring gender transition, people in kink relationships and neurodiversity.

I provide a space where partners can listen to, hear and understand each other. Individuals may develop a deeper understanding and be able to communicate how they are feeling and together resolve difficult issues within their relationships. I actively work with the relationship in a fair and equal way so that all parties feel that I am on their side. I have no goal for a relationship other than to support a deeper understanding of each individual within the relationship. Relationship counselling may result in a strengthening and deepening of a relationship or it may support an ending.

Sessions are usually one hour or an hour and half or longer if requested to suit your requirements. Frequency can be weekly or fortnightly.

You can contact me via email – or call 07847 267882