Jules Haley – Individuals and Couples / Relationships Counsellor and qualified online therapist, Walthamstow, East London, E17

Counsellor, Walthamstow, Person-Centred, East London

I’m Jules –  an experienced therapist and qualified online counsellor, offering long or short term, individual and couples/ relationship counselling online and in Walthamstow, East London, E17. 

I work with adults (18+) who have a range of life experiences and people who may find it more difficult to access counselling and therapy, including those who may be struggling with their drug and alcohol use, people who want to explore their sexuality and gender, those in consensual non-monogamous or poly relationships or those with a history of complex trauma and abuse. I work with people who are gay, queer, bi, straight, pan, kink, asexual, sexuality questioning and all genders including trans, intersex, cis, non-binary, genderqueer, agender and gender questioning. I use the pronouns ‘she/her’ and I am committed to providing an inclusive, welcoming, safe and confidential space.

You may not be sure why you are feeling drawn to counselling but something may not feel quite right now in your life, you may not know what you are looking for or who you are and how to be, or it could be that you have a specific issue. I have experience of working with a whole range of life experiences and concerns such as relationships, family, health / chronic illness, work, loss, trauma, feeling different, neurodiversity, being marginalised and injustice which can all cause differing levels of pain, confusion and anxiety. We can explore these feelings at your pace, perhaps you are feeling sad, isolated, or angry or may not be sure about what is going on for you or may find defining who you are difficult. It may be that you want to find new ways to understand and cope with the challenges in your life.

How I work

I offer a type of therapy called ‘Person-Centred’. It is a non-medical, non-judgmental, non-directive approach to therapy. I offer a genuinely accepting, empathic and safe space for us to explore your feelings, experiences, thoughts and memories. A space to bring ‘the good, bad and ugly’ – all of it at your pace – so your world can be safely explored together and we can gain an understanding about what it means for you and how that may affect your next steps in life.

You may already have experience of being in counselling or it may be something that you are just considering. Often we try to do the best that we can within the situations we find ourselves in and sometimes do not have the right support around us to help us change and flourish. It may be that you just want someone to really listen to you or an opportunity to talk and be heard or it may be there is something that you want to explore in depth. I understand how daunting it can be to contact a stranger when you may be finding life difficult. Therapy can be a range of things – challenging, freeing, releasing as well as life changing.

I offer online counselling which can be beneficial for people with disabilities, people looking for a therapist out of their area and those who are time poor.

I have sessions available Monday to Friday from 8am to 7.30pmI manage a flexible diary which works for freelancers, students and shift workers so you are not restricted to the traditional same time/day per week although this can be agreed if preferred.

I offer a free initial call to discuss how we may work together, find a suitable day/time for a first session and answer any questions that you have about coming to counselling.

For people struggling with alcohol and drug use, I also can refer to services where required (if and when you choose and are ready) and work with you while you prepare for or are on a drug and alcohol programme whether that is reducing, abstaining, detox or rehab.

Contact me via email – jules@juleshaleycounselling.com or call 07847 267882





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