Dining Room Dialogues ONLINE

ONLINE Spring/Summer 2020 programme of Person-Centred discussion and learning.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have moved the ‘Dining Room Dialogues’ ONLINE. These are an established programme of themed experiential discussion groups for therapists, counselling trainees and people who work in health, education and social care who have an interest in the Person-Centred Approach. Once the restrictions are lifted, we will meet again in our home in Walthamstow, East London.

Dining Room Dialogues are a more informal and relaxed environment for CPD than the usual training classroom. A maximum of ten people meet around our now virtual dining room table. We offer a facilitated space where we can learn together by each bringing our knowledge and experiences.

Each discussion is facilitated by Rachel Yates and Jules Haley. Rachel is a Person-Centred counsellor and trainer with over twenty years’ experience of working in the homelessness and mental health sector. Jules is a qualified therapist who specialises in supporting people with drug and alcohol, gender and sexuality issues and trauma and is also qualified in online counselling. She draws from both professional and personal experiences of mental health and addiction.

The spring/summer 2020 programme of Dining Room Dialogues will explore a non-pathologising approach to a range of issues and difficulties that often present in the counselling room including:

  • Self-Care in uncertain times – April 2020
  • The label of “Personality Disorder”
  • Understanding the experiences of Paranoia, Hearing Voices and Unusual Beliefs
  • Understanding Drugs and Alcohol issues
  • Person-centred working with Non-binary and trans identities
  • Understanding of Sexuality issues

You will have the space to learn and discuss your thoughts, ideas and questions. A reading list covering books, articles or videos will be emailed out before each discussion. It’s not an issue if you don’t get to read the material before the session. It is totally up to you how much you want to contribute and take away, at your own pace and perhaps at times based on what is relevant within the discussion to you. Please be aware that although these groups are a confidential space, they are not an alternative to supervision and/or therapy.

The ‘Dining Room Dialogues’ are held on an online platform. Each session starts at 10.30am (BST) and we finish at 2pm. We will have regular breaks for you to stand up and make a cup of tea and a lunchbreak, but we can continue the discussion over this time if people wish.

Cost is £25 per person/ per discussion group, including summary content notes after the day and a certificate for CPD. Payment is by BACS in advance. To book a space, email: jules@juleshaleycounselling.com

Dates and themes:

  • The label of “Personality Disorder” – Sunday 10th May 2020
    • We will be looking at the diagnoses of personality disorders that clients may acquire. We will discuss the observable behaviours, the validity of the diagnosis, the stigma and impact, and the meaning of the varying personality disorders. We will look at how we can support someone using the person-centred work of Margaret Warner (Pearce & Sommerbeck, 2013) looking at the experience of fragile, dissociative and psychotic process.
  • Understanding the experiences of Paranoia, Hearing Voices and Unusual Beliefs –Sunday 31 May 2020
    • We will be talking about what the experiences of hearing voices, paranoia and unusual beliefs is like. We will have space to think about where the voices may come from, the difference between hearing voices and hallucinations, the diagnosis of schizophrenia and the impact on people’s lives. Thinking about why and how this happens to people, and ways to support and work with hearing voices, paranoia and unusual beliefs. Rachel will draw from her experiences of 20+ years running a community mental health service and peer-led Unusual Beliefs group.
  • Understanding Drugs and AlcoholSunday 21 June 2020
    • We will be discussing the context of drug and alcohol use in the UK, why and how people use alcohol and drugs, the concept of ‘addiction’ and different ways of understanding drug and alcohol use, the effects on the person using, their families and other people around them. We will explore ways to support people who are using alcohol and drugs and looking at the process of change from a person-centred perspective and the relevance and sufficiency of the attitudinal conditions. We will look at Motivational Interviewing as a directive person-centred way of working with substance use and will consider the ethics of working with people currently using or under the influence.
  • Person-centred working with Non-binary and trans identities – Sunday 12 July 2020
    • We will be thinking about and discussing our understanding and language of gender, trans, non-binary and gender expression. The impact of being gender non-conforming and thinking about ways to support non-binary and trans people.
  • Understanding of Sexuality issues – Sunday 9th August 2020
    • We will be looking at how the experience of growing up, coming out and living as gay/lesbian/bi in a ‘straight’ world affects people’s mental health, self-esteem and relationships. We will be thinking about how this can bring them into counselling, and the support they may be looking for.